Things you Should Know Between Buying VIP or Using MSP Hack

Are you familiar with Moviestarplanet Hack and looking a ways on how to get free vip on moviestarplanet? There are many ways on how to do this like downloading a msp hack tool (I once tried this and it worked for me before), you can use your own money to get your vip, but it will be very expensive if you are just a kid, let me help you with your decision.

moviestarplanet hack

Importance of VIP – Do I need to use MSP Hack?

Moviestarplanet is really important, there are many things that you can do if your account is VIP, if you are a VIP you can earn much more starcoins and fame than usual, this is really important if you are farming starcoins (go here to get some tips on how to easily farm starcoins) and fame. But there’s a msp hack tool online that can also generate unlimited amount of these resources. Of course there a players that don’t want to cheat on the game, you can just generate you moviestarplanet VIP and you can hunt your own resources manually.

And there’s also a lot of good samaritan that want to help other, they are hosting a giveaway where you will just need to do something to submit your entry and then you will get a chance to be one of the lucky winner of Moviestarplanet VIP.

Is it Okay to Spend Money or Just use Moviestarplanet Hack?

You know what? to tell you frankly, I am not spending my precious money with with in-app purchases. But if are a decent player that don’t want to cheat, you can buy it. But you know, I could just buy a lot of foods with the money that I will be using to buy VIP and if you know a website that can give you free VIP, I will just use that instead. It pretty much the same but the only difference is you can get if free with the online tool.

Or if you are lucky like my friend, I will tell you the story on how my friend got his MSP Vip for free. This friend of mine is a campus idol, and there’s a lot of girls that have crush on him, we both play Moviestarplanet and he also told me that we will buy VIP as soon as we get our weekly allowance. But before that day came he is surprised when he checked his account, he already got an VIP. I am pretty much jealous because nobody had a crush on me, so I just bought my own VIP because I don’t have the source to get it for free.


With all that said above, having a Moviestarplanet is really important, you can benefit from VIP if you want to get more fame (here’s some tips to get fame on MSP), but it is really up to you if you want to buy it or just use online tool. In my opinion I will just the moviestarplanet hack tool and just generate my VIP (not the fame and starcoins) and then I will farm my own resources to make it look normal.

And if you are lucky like my friend, you don’t need to spend anything. Just talk to a lot of girls on your school and find a girl that is playing MSP and you just talk about it. You can also talk about planning to buy your VIP until he voluntarily buy it for you (But there’s only a little chance that she will buy you VIP).